duminică, martie 23, 2008

Zbor deasupra unui cuib de buci

McMurphy: She was fifteen years old, going on thirty-five, Doc, and she told me she was eighteen, she was very willing, I practically had to take to sewing my pants shut. Between you and me, uh, she might have been fifteen, but when you get that little red beaver right up there in front of you, I don't think it's crazy at all and I don't think you do either. No man alive could resist that, and that's why I got into jail to begin with. And now they're telling me I'm crazy over here because I don't sit there like a goddamn vegetable. Don't make a bit of sense to me. If that's what being crazy is, then I'm senseless, out of it, gone-down-the-road, wacko. But no more, no less, that's it.
Citatul asta se potriveste perfect. In zilele de azi nu mai ai cum sa iti dai seama ca are 15-16. Toate se fut dintr-a 9a, iti spun eu: n-ai cum! Fusta scurta, decolteu, tocuri, machiaj strident, admiratori cu cazier, cu siguranta n-ai cum. Trebuie sa te gandesti bine de tot daca merita sau nu pedeapsa.

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nicholson si acum le poate arde pe fraierele de 15 ani.