duminică, octombrie 28, 2007

Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead

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1. "Empty Walls" - 3:50
2. "The Unthinking Majority" - 3:49
3. "Money" - 3:54
4. "Feed Us" - 4:32
5. "Saving Us" - 4:41
6. "Sky is Over" - 2:57
7. "Baby" - 3:31
8. "Honking Antelope" - 3:51
9. "Lie Lie Lie" - 3:33
10. "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition" - 4:24
11. "Beethoven's Cunt" - 3:13
12. "Elect the Dead" - 2:55
Am ascultat albumul asta intr-o ora de mate prima data. Il avea Madalin pe empetreu. Mi-a placut enorm de la prima ascultare, in special piesa "Saving Us".
But you were the one for me,
And now you're going through the door,
When you take that step I love you baby more and more,
We need to laugh and sing and cry and warm each other's hearts tonight,
Having fun of everything and loving all our... (:-??)
Nota: 9/10. "Un clasic."

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2 comentarii:

K0nTr0L spunea...

omu asta e genial. nu numai datorita versurilor, ci si a faptului ca pe album canta la aproape toate instrumentele
si mai are si sait misto:

S.O.A.D. forever spunea...

Serj e genial... nu numai ca are o voce extraordinara, inedita, una dintre cele mai bune voci, insa este shi un poet genial... Atzi citit volumul lui de poezii "Cool Gardens"? Genial omul asta...

Cat despre albumul "elect the dead", se vede bineintzeles ura pe care incepe bush s-o produca...

poate ca "bushit" vine de la bush+shit...;))

i wish S.O.A.D.'s hiatus won't last long...