marți, aprilie 15, 2008

Uefa Euro 08 Soundtrack

01.boys noize - don't believe the hype [05:31]
02.carolina liar - i'm not over [03:22]
03.crystal castles - air war [04:12]
04.datarock - i used to dance with my daddy [04:52]
05.ejectorseat - attack, attack, attack [02:22]
06.infected mushroom - becoming insane [07:21]
07.junkie xl feat. electrocute - mad pursuit [04:18]
08.karoshi bros - love the world [03:50]
09.look see proof - casualty [03:30]
10.magic numbers - take a chance [03:35]
11.mendetz - the boola shines in a pink neon room [06:03]
12.mexicolas - come clean [03:22]
13.operator please - get what you want [03:46]
14.pete and the pirates - come on feet [02:25]
15.the features - i will wander [02:53]
16.the magnificents - get it boy [03:22]
17.the pigeon detectives - i'm not sorry [03:41]
18.the young punx - your music is killing me [06:10]
19.yelle - a cause de garcons (..remix) [04:31]

Vremea cand ne placeau 9-10 melodii din simulatoarele lor de fotbal a apus si nu pare sa reinvie prea curand. Imi plac... vreo 4-5, cu indulgenta. Majoritatea sunt de umplutura, tranceuri din alea de se asculta in masina in general.

Cel mai mult imi place "I'm not over" de la Carolina Liar


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